NEO ELECTROMECH LIMITED started in 2011.The company is growing into a nationwide, independent elevator Contractor company with the technical resources to maintain all types of elevators and lifts. By focusing on the service side of the business and providing a supportive environment for its technicians, the company provides a quality product & service and more added value than the large elevator manufacturers. Neo Electromech Limited. is the sole agent of DOPPLER S.A one of the renowned lifts brand in European Union . Doppler are well known throughout the world for its quality; innovation with modern technology, safety & reliability.


Neo Electromech Limited strives to be the largest independent elevator company in the Bangladesh. by becoming the #1 elevator related service provider in the markets we serve. The elevator business is truly a local business and requires two critical concepts:


Creativity at the local level must be encouraged and supported. While we can always assume we can create a “best practice”, this would never be possible without the encouragement of our employees to challenge themselves and others to be more creative in our approach to the business.


We participate in an industry in which the service providers dictate the services provided. Yielding more flexibility to the customer experience is the best way for us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, resulting in faster growth.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Excellence